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Buildings Rehabilitation in Granada

Rehabilitación de Edificios en Granada-building rehabilitations in Granada- Inmobiliaria en Granada Granatte-Real Estate in Granada
There are many properties that are in poor condition and require building rehabilitations in Granada. The owners, often heirs, do not have the resources to improve the building.

Granatte Real Estate Granada, thanks to its technical team, leads projects and building rehabilitations in Granada to give a functional or thematic nature with which to improve their value. The transformation and change of use for which these buildings were conceived as housing buildings and, which today can not find outlet in the market is another exciting and fruitful task in which Granatte Real Estate in Granada harvests great results taking advantage of BIM technology of cost reduction. We invite you to knok it.

Experience in Building Rehabilitations in Granada…

We pay special attention in orders to ensure sales in singular promotions. This is the case of the last order given Granatte Real Estate in Granada. It is the exclusive Promotion Manziles de la Alhambra in the Albaicín. Recovering four buildings from the XVII Century. An amazing building rehabilitations in Granada project that, by far, is the most exclusive to be found right in front of the monumental Palace of the Alhambra.

We provide solutions to renovate and restore, always seeking to extract the potential of the properties. We also analyze all its possibilities and adapt them to each required situation in the cases of protected buildings and façades, monuments or complex projects.

Our architectural and engineering team will advise you. Contact us by means of the following form.