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Real Estate Excellence in Granada

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Entities and Associated Companies

The great number of needs of our customers demands exquisite relations with Entities and Companies Associated with our work as well as a team of excellent professionals. The Project Management service makes us a new figure in the real estate services market in Granada.

Granatte understands that the success in its management is more in the design of solutions for those who buy and sell than in the purchase-sale itself. We want to be recognized as experts in the search for models of life and business from the home.

Granatte is close to entities that are linked to the Real Estate Sector, as a good Realtor in Granada; Such as Notaries and Land Registry, Financials, Legal and Tax Consulting, Architectures and Engineering, Reforms and Decoration.

It is not easy to achieve these alliances for the benefit of our Clients, and their ultimate objective is to ensure an innovative and exclusive offer of products and services, in which a unique cost-benefit ratio is achieved for Clients.

Certified Realtors Agents in Granada

API is the acronym for Agencia de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria, the equivalent of Official Realtor and And is the professional legally qualified. The only one recognized by the Public Administration through the granting of an official title, With the necessary training for the exercise of their functions and always Looking for the fulfillment of the legality in the Real Estate Transactions.

Our functions include mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate and mediation in mortgage lending and property valuations.

The Realtor/API services are requested by those interested in the transmission of real estate, by the Public Registries, the State Administration and the Courts of Justice.

An API Real Estate Agency/Realtor, in addition to providing the necessary training to successfully carry operations involves, is subject to collegial discipline, which will debug responsibilities in which it may incur in its relationships with third parties.
Our Official Association of Real Estate Agents has signed a professional indemnity insurance for all members. Also, Granatte has an insurance of guarantees for the deposits of the Clients, as authorized legal depository.

Finally, you can see our Ethics Code on the website Consejo Nacional de Agentes de la Propiedad de España. José Miguel Pedraza, Granatte´s General Manager is the National Collegiate 20,771.

Granatte has the IQ RAIC quality seal

The Instituto de Práctica Empresarial ant its Cátedra Inmobiliaria has created the seal Calidad Inmobiliaria IQ RAIC exclusively destined to the professionals who can validate a higher education and a long experience in the real estate and construction sector. Equivalent with those who have attained the level of Master in Consulting and Real Estate Management.

Thus, the set of real estate consultants spread throughout Spain that have exceeded the level of qualification IQ (real estate quality) is called RAIC (Network of Qualified Real Estate Consultants). Granatte is led by professionals who have the mention of the Real Estate Chair in Granada in addition to the real estate quality certification IQ RAIC.

Granatte is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

The implementation of an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System involves the Ordering, Procedure and Continuous Improvement to provide the best services to the Client and provide the tools of sustainable growth of the company itself.

Socially committed. Sharing what has been achieved

At Granatte Real Estate in Granada we are aware that we are part of a sector that generates income and economy, as well as thousands of direct and indirect jobs, business and social benefits, depending on the stage of activity in which it is, conditions the state of our economy and employment. At the same time, housing and the way to access it, are circumstances that substantially affect people and families.

Currently Granatte Real Estate in Granada is the main sponsor of the International Contest for young Architects DocexDoce, which values talent and meritocracy among future designers of our properties.

For this reason, Granatte assumes that, just as he participates in the generosity of a sector, he must contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people who surround it.