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Best mortgages in Granada

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You may not know it, but the banks are currently competing with each other for offering mortgages in Granada with the best conditions.
Within our services and fees we include a personalized accompaniment with our Clients to firstly secure the obtaining of a mortgage and, secondly, in the best conditions.
We know the directors of the main financial institutions in Granada and their best mortgage conditions because we care to interview with them regularly to have updated information and make it available to you.

What do we advise you from Granatte Real Estate in Granada at mortgage level?

Banks have finished selling their best properties and, with these, their associated mortgages. Once the banks no longer have almost properties and they are also of low quality, they have no choice and must to grant mortgages on the properties that have Official Realtors Agencies like Granatte Real Estate in Granada.
Until 2015, they did not offer attractive mortgages because they were not interested, due to that had a large real estate portfolio because of crisis, but it is now when they offer great opportunities, and this is not going to last for long.

Fixed-term mortgages in Grenada are less than 2%

and that means hiring them very favorably, because in a few years, when the business cycle changes, the interests will be much higher. Keep in mind that in order to reach that interest, you must take out home and life insurances and payroll at least, in bank that gives the Mortgage Loan.
Of course, you should know that banks offer the:

– 90% of the lower amount between property valuation or deed amount if it is the first property and you are a Spanish citizen and high Official.
– 80% of the lower amount between property valuation or deed amount if it is the first property and you are a Spanish citizen.
– 70% if it is second property or European Union citizen.
– 60% if it is for commercial (not house) European citizen, but not European Union citizen.
– 50% if you are not a citizen of the European Union nor European

That is, you must have an economic remnant to cover the remaining amount up to the total value of the property, plus approximately 12% which are the costs associated with the sale.