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New constructions and developments in Granada

Nuevas Promociones en Granada-Obra Nueva en Granada-New buildings in Granada-New constructions and developments in Granada
Granatte, in addition to acting as your Sales Department for the homes that you, as Promoter of New Works in Granada, want to put on the market, proposes to you before developing the project, analyzing the needs of potential future Customers through a Market Study to develop your Promotion so that you have more success in sales. We look for the appropriate ground for the execution of the project, and we get the Promoter Credit for the construction of the Promotion.

3D Virtualization of New Buildings in Granada. Sell before and better

We use the latest BIM technology and put it to the service of marketing techniques. This ensures sell before their property, providing a full virtualization, virtual tours and infographics of your promotions when the project is beginning. A new and different formula of collaboration between Promoter and Sales Department.
While the traditional models of promotion demanded the contribution of important resources of own or leveraged, now with the services of the group of professionals of Granatte that condition is minimized.
We get a valuation in accordance with the expected costs and benefits, value is given to the Promotion by virtualizing it and executing the project with BIM (thus controlling the budget).
It is easier to get the bank promoter credit and Due Dilligence that Banking demands today before delivering the credit and, in addition, we sell at the optimum price, according to the Feasibility Plan, which we also carry out.
Leading the success in the sale of new residential developments.

See an example of how to sell a new buildings in Granada: Manziles de la Alhambra
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