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Renovations in Granada. Real Estate projects in Granada.

Reformas en Granada-Proyectos Inmobiliarios en Granada-renovations in Granada-Real Estate projects in Granada-Inmobiliaria en Granada Granatte-Real Estate in Granada
Granatte Real Estate offers services of renovations in Granada because we have a team of Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers and a Building Company.
Due to our training, experience and commitment, we provide our clients with a first class Real Estate Project Management.

Be informed before making renovations in Granada

If you are interested in buying a property that needs to be reformed, or rehabilitate a building in Granada, we offer you without cost, the visit of our technicians to inform you of the type of works and renovations is needed.
The same happens if you are the customer that sells, we will have to estimate the costs of the work you need, so you know the reality.
Many Customers forget that the cost of buying and selling is not the only one that must be taken into account when facing the transaction.
Our responsibility is to be equidistant with Buyer Customer and Selling Customer and to let them see the real costs of the transaction.
The reforms in Granada, sometimes have disadvantages, such as the situation of the building. It is not the same to execute a reform in a Carmen of the Albaicín, with the difficulty of accesses and extraordinary permissions to the City council, than to do it in a quiet residential zone and without traffic.

Experience in Rehabilitation of Buildings

We also serve the orders to ensure the sales of singular developments/promotions. This is the case of the last order given Granatte Real Estate in Granada. This is the exclusive New Work Manziles de la Alhambra in the Albaicín and in front of the Alhambra. Granatte is in charge of its integral management.

Make renovations in Granada

Also the Investors themselves do not know the existing procedures, taxes and bureaucracy to obtain a Construction License, get a good Architect and Engineering for the Project, from Demolition Project, Basic Project, Execution Project …. until the completion of work.

Architecture with Virtualization and BIM Projects on Renovations in Granada

Our 360º Service offers projects with BIM Technology.
We can offer you projects, reform and decoration of minimalist line, another intermediate and a more classic. We put at your disposal the ability of our Technical Office to virtualize your property or project and get it sold quickly.

Pioneers in BIM Projects. What does BIM Tech provide me? Economic savings:

– Reduces 80% of the calculation time (immediate building or home scanning and 3D survey).
– Save 50% the time of unforeseen (the measurements and budgets are adjusted more and better to the reality).
– It also reduces sales expenses by 25% (you can put on sale your promotion with infographics and virtual tours).
– Even reduces management time by 40% on project changes (project reviews).
– Minimizes by 30% the total expenses of the life cycle of the building (maintenance and its management).
– And it reduces 20% of the construction time (project adjustment to the real building).

In short, we offer you the whole process for renovations in Granada. Contact us to advise you on the renovation of your property.