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Valuations in Granada

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Valuations in Granada. The importance of a good valuation

Possessing the official valuation of a property made by a specialized company, is an added value to sell or buy. Based on the definition of value as “the amount that a Buying Client shall pay to acquire a property”, it is easy to assume that there are emotional factors that affect the amount, in addition to opposing interests between buyer and seller.
From the perspective of the selling Client, they will always want to get the highest possible price for their home and the Buying Client will always try to get the lowest. Evident.
It is very important to know that depending on the valuation made by the bank, this will be the mortgage and, consequently, the purchase and sale can be made. Granatte, besides knowing the market, conditions with its valuations that the bank does.
They usually send inexperienced youth who can ruin the operation; more if the property is unique. Granatte collaborates closely with them so that you can find the appraisal that best fits your interests.
In a technical and objective manner and as Official Realtors and senior technicians, Granatte Real Estate Granada rates and values ​​according to the real market value of the property. This will be in accordance with the data from the Land Registry of Spain and regulations of the official standard of the Bank of Spain which guarantees the value of that property at a given time.
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